First, let's get an idea about it!

SimpleFill is an Extension or Add-on for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. You can install SimpleFill from Chrome Web Store or Add-ons Store for Chrome and Firefox respectively. Once installed, you can enjoy all features of SimpleFill for FREE for ever.

It helps you fill forms in clicks, you no longer have to type again. You need only two mouse-clicks per field to fill up any form. No matter how lengthy your Name or Address may be, just 2-clicks and you are done. Users who loved the auto fill feature of the old Opera Browser would love this as its concept of filling forms is somewhat similar.

Now, let's see How?

Fill your Information

After you have installed SimpleFill in your browser, just right-click and click on "options". Fill up your information there such as Name, Address, Email etc. which you want SimpleFill to fill it for you.

Start filling Forms

Fill up text fields, textareas and even auto select drop-downs in clicks without touching your Keyboard. See above screencast for a small Demo.